Indigo / Cochineal Ikat, No. 1

Indigo / Cochineal Ikat, No. 1, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Fiber
Indigo / Cochineal Ikat, No. 1

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Fiber (Other)    67.5 x 40   

Artist Statement
I envisioned this design of alternating narrowing gradient stripes of indigo and cochineal and had an idea of creating it with ikat. At the same time, I knew there would be elements I could not completely predict, such as the results from natural dyeing and shifts in the warp on the loom. This part of the process intrigued me and I allowed space for the final design to reveal itself to me as I worked.

The white marks come from ties that kept the warp organized. They are part of the foundational planning process that might be messy and is typically unseen. I initially did not intend to include them, but they became integral to the piece. The textile would be incomplete without them.
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