"The beautiful ugly"

"The beautiful ugly", Three-Dimensional Pedestal Art
"The beautiful ugly"

Three-Dimensional Pedestal Art (Ceramic/Porcelain)    12 x 13 x 6    $1,500.00   

Artist Statement
I am a Latina living in California, and I am an encaustic artist mostly working in environmental techniques with beeswax.
For this work, I created a series called "beautiful uglies," where I explore the concept of monstrosity and the search for beauty in unexpected places or objects in a specific time frame. Also the concept of how beauty changes. This piece would be questionable in the 1700s.
We are at the end of the anthropocentrism, and we are very attached to "beings" — pets, toys, gadgets — like never before. I am creating beings that challenge established perceptions and give the viewer the opportunity to give these creatures a life story.
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Contact Information
Veronica Felix 4155184000 veronicafelix@gmail.com